Managing a Package of SDL Trados Studio 2011

You might be wondering how to open and return a package of SDL Trados Studio 2011, but trust us that it is a very simple matter that a newbie can even do it without a further technical couching. Please note that opening and returning a package can be undertaken by SDL Trados Studio 2011 Freelance and Professional, but creating a package is another work SDL Trados Studio 2011 Freelance cannot do. If you use SDL Trados Studio 2011 Freelance, you cannot create a package. You need to upgrade to SDL Trados Studio 2011 Professional to tackle this job. For more information about the products or versions, you can refer to

We will show you how to open the package and return it after you finish translating.

Open your SDL Trados Studio 2011 (any versions) and open the package. See picture below to know where to go.


Locate the package. See below.


Or, the other quick way is to directly go to the package and open it. See below.


After you locate or determine the package to open, double-click on it and the to-translate file is opened. Then, click Finish. See below.


And then click Close. See below.


Go to Projects and double-click on the package.


The other box appears and double-click on the file name to start translating. See below.


The Editor platform opens and you can start translating. Do not forget to set up your Studio and set the TM to store your translation. See below.


After finish translating, you can create a return package (you can return the package). Go to Project and click on it. Go to Create Return Package… and click on it. See below.


The dialog box appears. Tick the check-box and click Next. See below.


Follow the other 2 last steps; click Finish and Close and the package is ready for return. 🙂

Feel free to contact us if you need any help. If you are a local Indonesian freelancer or outsourcer and need to have a hands-on training on this, just visit our base in Pasuruan-East Java, Indonesia or contact our team lead at for appointment. The training is free. 🙂


3 comments on “Managing a Package of SDL Trados Studio 2011

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  2. Thanks for this overview. I do have two questions about packages. 1) Can I add my own TM for reference? 2) Can I export a Word file from the package? (this in order to do a better proofreading of my own translation). I haven’t been able to do so, you see. Thanks!

  3. I am working with Trados 20111 and have just completed a translation from a package and now want to create a return package. However, the option “Create return package” in the drop-down menu obtained via “Project” is deactivated.

    An Internet search has not helped me solve this problem, I would be grateful for any advice you can offer here.

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